If you could go anywhere or do anything with your life, what would it be?

How would you get there? Does the thought of that much change overwhelm you?

As a life coach, I help my clients not only identify what they want out of life, career, relationships, or creative expression, but how to make it happen in a manner than fits within any limitations or obligations they need to work with. Together, we work to create a meaningful life that resonates with their authentic self, something I like to call soul-centered living.

In a single session, clients will:
  • Create a short-term action plan that that will get them closer to a larger life objective
  • Receive guidance and direction in a one-on-one session dedicated to your personal truth
  • Speak with confidence to a caring, compassionate guide who will not judge you
Over time, regular clients can achieve amazing results!
  • Re-write your personal story to something that resonates with who you are
  • Make lasting changes that are sustainable within your lifestyle and income


Private CoachingPrivate Coaching

Emerging Leaders

For those who feel called to leadership, a customized package that allows you to explore leadership skills relevant to your career, experience, and personality. Includes:

  • 6 private coaching sessions
  • StrengthFinder 2.0 assessment
  • Curated book list based on your interests & needs


Purchase is made through Acuity Scheduling.


Self-Employed Entrepreneurs

Whether it’s a passion project or a new source of income, we’ll explore next steps, goals, and and obstacles that are relevant to your situation.

  • 6 private coaching sessions
  • Fascination Advantage® personal branding report


Purchase is made through Acuity Scheduling.


Discover Your Life Purpose

Looking to live a more meaningful life? Using Fern Gorin’s copyrighted Life Purpose Process, we’ll dive deep into self-exploration to help you create a life worth living!

  • 6 or 12 private coaching sessions
  • VIA Character Strengths Survey
  • Guided self-exploration using the Life Purpose Process©

6 sessions: $987

12 sessions: $1587

Purchase is made through Acuity Scheduling.