HI I’m Bethany Sawyer

Musician | Mathematician | Author | Actuary | Akashic Record Reader | Filmmaker | Songwriter | Boss | Martial Artist | Leader | Teacher | Mentor | Entrepreneur

At one or more moments in my life, all of these words have described me. As you may have guessed, I’m one of those people with a variety of interests, who’s equally left and right brained. Analytical and creative. Which means I have something to relate to with nearly everyone I meet.

At the core of everything I do is stories. Through Stardust Explorations, I coach others to write their own stories, live their dreams, and fulfill their potential.

What’s YOUR story? Let’s write it, together.


  • 1984 Student art displayed at Panoply
  • 1986 Grand Prize, Barnum & Bailey Coloring Contest
  • 1992 Performed in Carnegie Hall w/Metropolitan Youth Orchestra of Huntsville
  • 1996 National Merit Scholar
  • 1999 Barry M Goldwater Scholar
  • 2003 Black Belt, Hwang’s Martial Arts Academy
  • 2005 Fellow, Society of Actuaries
  • 2006 Advanced Toastmaster’s – Bronze
  • 2007 Graduate, Pacific Northwest Film Scoring Program
  • 2011 Winner, Society of Actuaries Speculative Fiction Contest
  • 2016 Reiki Practitioner
  • 2017 Official Honoree, Webby Awards (for Paranormal Shopping Network)
  • 2018 Akashic Record Reader
  • 2019 Certified Life Coach

Beth SawyerBeth Sawyer